Are you looking to relax, de-stress, and feel good?

Or are you looking to improve your health issues such as relieving knotty muscles, aches, and pains?

Maybe you are looking to improve your flexibility, and posture?

If so, then look no further, because I offer a range of massages to suit your needs 

I offer three kinds of massages

Swedish massage uses light to firm massage strokes to provide gentle relaxation. Good for stress relief and to feel good

Deep tissue massage uses a more forceful technique to release tension deep in the muscles and connective tissues. Good for relieving knotty muscles, pain, and healing injuries

Thai yoga massage combines assisted yoga with manipulation techniques to stretch your body to improve flexibility. Good for correcting posture related problems

If you would like to delve deeper into the root cause of any health issues, I recommend Stephen Jakes at www.healingthemind.co.uk to heal it permanently 



I started my journey with massage when I was 19. I had my first massage and loved the way it made me so relaxed, lighter, more peaceful, and connected to myself. 

Feeling inspired to study massage, I passed my ITEC exam at 23

For years I dabbled in massage, aswell as working in the office environment. Then I had my children aged 30 and dedicated my life to being a mum

At 39 I began part time work again in a juice bar. When I split with my partner, taking my children to work with me wasnt working out. At aged 40, I decided to become self employed and properly practice massage therapy

It wasnt until aged 43 that my massage really took off. I had lots of mental blocks around building a client base and earning my own money self employed.

Stephen, at Healing The Mind, supported me in clearing these blocks. It was then my massage business really took off

So here we are today



Massage is a touch therapy where I manipulate muscles, connective tissies, and joints, to bring health benefits

I practice massage therapy in my home

I massage both men and women 

We begin with a safe, confidential, space to chat about how you are feeling and what your needs are. Then I tailor the massage to your needs

If you require gentle relaxation then Swedish massage on a table is perfect. You keep underwear on, I cover you with a towel, and only the part I am working on is uncovered. I use coconut oil

Deep tissue massage is good for muscle knots, tension, pain, and injuries. Again you are on the table, in underwear, covered with a towel, and I use coconut oil

Or if you need stretching out, and posture correction to help with your health problems, then Thai yoga massage on a mat on the floor, is wonderful for this. Please wear comfortable clothing such as tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt

I begin with progressive muscle relaxation exercise to relax you and prepare for the massage

During the massage please feel free to communicate any discomfort, needs, or massage preference

After the massage there is a safe, confidential, space for to reflect on how you are feeling, and what your experience was like

I am also here to support you and inspire you to take the next steps in tackling any health problems for when you go home



Opening hours

•10am till 3.30pm

Swedish Massage:
£35 for 30 mins £55 for 60 mins £75 for 90 mins

Deep Tissue Massage:
£35 for 30 mins £55 for 60 mins £75 for 90 mins

Thai Yoga Massage:
£35 for 30 mins £55 for 60 mins £75 for 90 mins



This is a womans circle held in my home. There are a maximum of 6 spaces to keep it intimate

Woman circles are a female tradition going back to our ancestors where women gather to deeply relax, and deeply connect to themselves & each other

At the beginning there is a cuppa and informal check in. Followed by relaxation techniques, and journaling with oracle cards

The middle bit is a choice of whatever we are in the mood for such as music, singing, dancing, sharing circles, movement, and creativity 

We finish off with relaxation and gratitude

The main focus of Red Tent is relaxation. So I suggest wearing comfy clothing, maybe bringing socks/slippers, and a blanket. Plus bring any thing that helps you to relax such as a journal, oracle cards, and craft projects etc. 

I provide herbal tea and vegan snacks however you are welcome to bring your favourites 

Red Tent is held on Sunday 10am till 12pm around the full moon

£25 per person  


What They Say


I feel so relaxed after the massage and helps ease my muscle aches from work. I feel peaceful and feel good all over. Zoe is grounded, easy to talk to and bubbly 

Jason, Braintree


Whatever I write won't do justice to Zoe's massages! They are therapeutic, relaxing, healing, blissful and a self-care must have all in one. Zoe's massage space is very welcoming, as is she. I can't rate Zoe highly enough, she really cares that the time with her is yours to relax, and she truly listens if you tell her about problem areas you'd like her to concentrate on. I'm so glad I found Zoe!

Tanya, Braintree


There is a warm welcome and feels like a safe environment. Zoe is very intuitive, listens, is talented, and can just "read" your body. The table is heated and comfy which makes the massage even more enjoyable. Zoe chats with you before hand, and does a guided meditation to open you up energetically ready for massage. There is no rush at the end, its slow, with a signature ending. I am borderline with tears each time it comes to the end. Zoe is always beaming and joyful.

Anya, Braintree


Massage relaxes me and sets me up for the day.  It makes me feel good, its calming, zones me put, and eases aches and pains. Zoe is friendly and easy to speak to .

Sharon, Braintree


Zoe is down to earth, and non judgemental. Going for a massage gets me out the house and talking. She does such a good job with the massage that I dont need another one for a while! The massage makes my back and shoulder muscles feel better. It makes me feel chilled. 

Stuart, Braintree


Zoe's massages relax my back and shoulders, and it feels really nice. Massage relieves stress and the tension in my body just drops away. Also it helps calm my anxiety. Zoe makes me feel comfortable and relaxed 

Ellis, London


Zoe is a nice person and Red Tent provides a gentle structured space where I feel calm, reassured, and feel no pressure to do anything, just be. I love the connection with other women, the conversation is deep, meaningful, real talk. Real talking matters to me, not politics or what's going on in the world, but talking about our own reality. Red Tent is a space or women supporting women 

Rochelle, Braintree


When I have a massage with Zoe, I feel alive! Her technique is really good. I feel like I'm in a better place afterwards and feel amazing! I am also left with beautiful thinking and thoughts. Zoe is easy fo connect to, so the connection is amazing, and she is beautiful 

Matthew, Braintree


I have Thai yoga massage because I am in agony a lot of the time. This is from the pain in my shoulders and wrists. It really helps to stretch my tendons, muscles, and ligaments to loosen my joints and ease the pain. Zoe is easy to talk to and laid back

Andy, Essex

Water Lily


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